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Human Hair Eyebrow Wig 
They are human hair, shaped eyebrows. Eyebrow Wigs are a beautiful solution designed for those who have sparse, thinning, or no eyebrows due to chemotherapy, stress, Alopecia, Trichotillomania, over-plucking, hereditary or any reason.
The human hair is carefully placed to simulate the growth pattern of real eyebrows.  Many different styles can be flattering to most face shapes. The shapes are natural and fit the contours of the brow area.
1. How long do they last?
With daily wear the wigs should last up to 2 months. After this time, the thin mesh webbing will begin to break down and the wigs will need to be replaced.
2.  How long in the day can I wear them?
We recommend you remove them each night.
The adhesive is quite strong and your skin needs a soothing cream at night to moisturize and soften the skin in the brow area.
3.  What color is best for me?
Try to match the brow color to your hair color. If you have dark hair we suggest a dark wig to match or a wig slightly lighter than your hair color. If your wig is too light you can always use a cosmetic to darken it. A wig that is too dark cannot easily be lightened because chemicals will break down the mesh netting at the back.
4.  How do I remove the glue from back of the wig?
Adhesive build up on wigs can be removed by gently "rolling" the adhesive off - start at the part of the wig nearest the nose. Final bits of adhesive can be removed form the wig mesh with our Wig Adhensive Remover or rubbing alcohol. Do not use harsh solvents like nail polish remover to clean your wigs. These could break down the fine web mesh.
5.  Can I swim or shower with my wig?
Do not wear your wigs in the shower or when swimming. In this case I would advise the stencils with powder.  It want come off in the pool.
6. How are the wigs made?
The wigs are made from 100% human hair.  Each individual hair has been attached by hand to a thin web mesh. The hairs are knotted around the mesh and combed into position.
7. Can you see the mesh once you put the wig on?
You cannot see the mesh once you apply the adhesive to it and place it against your skin. People that look closely will think they see individual hairs coming out of pores.
8.  I have brow hair.  Do you recommend wigs for me?
This depends on where your brow hair is. If you are missing large areas either at the front or back of the brow then the wig can be trimmed and just a portion of the wig attached. If you have brow hair going all the way across than the wig adhesive might stick to the brow hair and potentially be yanked out when you remove the wig. Likely a brow stencil and powder best for you.
9.  What shapes and colors do they come in ?                   
Soft angled (light, medium light, medium and dark)
2 1/8" long
  • Includes storage container
  • Includes liquid adhesive
Round (light, medium light, medium and dark)
2 1/8" long
  • Includes liquid adhesive
 Mens ( golden light brown, medium brown, dark brown, and off-black)2 1/2" long
  • Includes liquid adhesive
  • Includes storage container
10. Tell me about the glue.
The spirit gum was designed to be matte   (without shine). 
Adhesive placed on the wig's web thin backing may become visible. Should this happen this adhesive will not shine in the light and will be less noticeable.
Eyebrow Stencils:
What's our secret? Natural eyebrow shapes.
We have over 100 eyebrow stencil shapes.  Even celebrity inspired.
Individual eyebrow stencil shapes vary by eyebrow thickness & arch height & eyebrow stencil length. Facial shapes are important.
Available are Curved, Angled, Soft Angled, Round, and Flat Eyeshapes. 
Brow Powders in various colors available.
Also get bigger eyes stencils and powders.
We will teach you styling, shaping, and maintaining....
Take home eyebrow kits and tailor stencil collection available.
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